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At Unity Studios, every client who walks through the door will feel cared for and guided towards achieving their goals.

Our Philosophy: Our modern lifestyles leave little time for meaningful connection with ourselves and with our community. Our everyday movement patterns can lead to poor movement, pain and stiffness. Unity Studios brings us together to learn how to move better so we feel better.

Our classes are intelligently designed and grounded in functional movement, promoting a proactive approach to your health through the fundamentals of Pilates, yoga and strength training.

Every physiotherapy client who walks through the door will feel cared for and expertly guided towards achieving their goals; whether that be to prevent injury, return to the sport they love, perform day to day activities pain free or regain control of their bladder, bowel or sexual function.

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Unity Studios Mt Eden

Functional exercise classes. Rehab focused clinical Pilates. Evidence based physiotherapy.

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Unity Studios Northcote

Our Footprint

Our connection to the environment and community has a large impact on our overall health. We strive to create a community that respects the environment for now and future generations to come.


  • Smart Ass’ Toilet Paper, is a Toitū Carbon Zero certified organisation, their tree-free toilet paper is made from sugarcane waste and sustainably grown bamboo fibres (Link to their webpage)
  • No Single use plastic in the studio
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • A paperless booking system
  • All used equipment donated to local schools/community groups
  • All proceeds from our ‘Koha classes’ are donated to The Kindness Institute

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Pelvic health physios and fitness instructors wanted.
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