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What are the pricing options?

There are 2 payment options.

1.    Subscription where you will get access to all of the class content both pregnancy and postnatal.

Monthly subscription is $29
Annual subscription is $149 (which is a saving of $199).

2.    Purchase a full programme. You can choose to purchase the Pregnancy Pilates Programme or the Postnatal Pilates Programme for $79 each. You will have ongoing access to all of the classes in the programme.


How do I sign up?

You can sign up through our website here.
If you choose the subscription option you can start with our 7 day free trial. After the trial period your subscription will begin.


How do I cancel or pause my subscription?

You can cancel at any time and you will have access until the end of that billing cycle.
Login to your account and click on the circular profile icon in the top right corner. From the dropdown menu select ‘Manage subscription’.

To pause your subscription:
Select ‘Pause’. You can choose to pause for 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months, which will begin at the end of your current billing cycle. After this time is over your subscription charge will begin again. You can reactivate your subscription earlier by coming back to the same page. Your subscription cannot be paused in the free trial period.

To cancel:
Select ‘Cancel’. Confirm that you would like to cancel, and you should then receive an email confirming this. If you don’t receive the email double check in your settings that your subscription shows as ‘cancelled’. Once you have confirmed that you want to cancel you won’t be charged again, but you will have access to content until the end of the current billing cycle.

Note: if you signed up and paid on the website you can only cancel on the website.

If you signed up through Apple IOS/ Apple TV/ Google Play/ Android App you can find out how to cancel here.


How do I reset my password?

If you need to change or have forgotten your password you can reset it. Visit the login page and enter your email address then click ‘Next’. Below the password field select ‘Reset your password’. Enter your email address on that page and select ‘Reset password’. You will be sent a link to reset your password. Make sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive it. Click the link in the email to reset your password.


Can I do the workouts from a phone as well as a computer?

Yes the website works well on both a computer or a phone. Just open your browser on your mobile device, head to the website, login and start watching.

If you are regularly using a mobile device you can save the website page to your phone’s homepage for quick access.

You can also watch on a TV through Chromecast or Apple TV.


Do I need any equipment for the classes?

You will need some small equipment for our classes. The necessary equipment is a soft pilates ball and a long resistance band. For a lot of the classes we tie our long band to make a loop so you may prefer to use a loop resistance band instead of tying your long band. You can purchase an equipment package from us for $29 which includes the ball, a long band and a loop band. We can post this to you anywhere in NZ. Please email us at to purchase this.

Other equipment which is used in the classes includes some light hand weights (~1-2kg) but feel free to substitute with some tinned cans or filled drink bottles, and a chair or a coffee table.


What if I have never done pilates before?

It doesn’t matter at all! A lot of clients who attend our Pregnancy or Postnatal Pilates classes in the studio are starting pilates for the first time. Pilates is a great form of exercise to keep you strong throughout your pregnancy and helps you to rebuild your strength after birth. Our online classes are designed and instructed by maternity/pelvic health physiotherapists so you know you will be working all the right areas in a challenging but safe way. We recommend that you are cleared to exercise by your healthcare professional before starting.


Is there anything I should do before starting the classes?

Before starting the classes you should be cleared to exercise by your healthcare professional. Please also make sure you read the ‘Guidelines for Exercise in Pregnancy’ document and/or the “Guidelines for Exercise Postnatal’ document.

You can find these guidelines by selecting ‘Pregnancy Pilates Programme’ or ‘Postnatal Pilates Programme’ from the homepage and then you will find a thumbnail for the guidelines below the workouts. Click on this and the PDF will download to your device.


How many times per week should I do the classes?

We recommend 3-4 x per week. The exercise recommendations for pregnant and postnatal women are 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week. So combining 3-4 pilates workouts with ~3 walks or other low impact cardio sessions per week will meet these recommendations.


How do I know which class I should do?

For the Pregnancy Workouts:

We have designed the workouts specifically for each stage of your pregnancy in 4 or 5 week blocks. As your pregnancy progresses there are certain modifications that are needed and exercises that should be avoided. You should follow the stages of our workouts week to week, but you can also choose to do a class from later on in the programme. Once you reach the next stage of your pregnancy, avoid choosing a class from a previous stage, for safety reasons. From the home page select ‘Pregnancy Pilates Programme’ and then you will be able to filter the classes depending on the stage of your pregnancy. You can do the classes within your current stage of pregnancy in any order and you can repeat the classes several times, in fact it is useful in pregnancy to repeat the workouts to build strength and endurance.

For the Postnatal Workouts:
The workouts are structured into levels so that you can progress your core control, pelvic floor function and over strength safely and effectively. Start with our ‘Pre-work classes’ which are safe to do from 2-6 weeks postnatal. Then move onto the Level 1 classes, which are safe to do from 6 weeks postnatal, as long as you’ve been cleared to exercise by your health professional. Work on each level for at least two weeks aiming for ~3-4 classes per week, then move onto the next level. You can stay at any level for longer than 2 weeks if needed. You can choose to do a class from a previous level at any time as well.

From the home page select ‘Postnatal Pilates Programme’ and then you will be able to filter the classes depending on the Level you are up to. You can do the classes within your current level in any order.

We have also created Workout Calendars if you like a bit of structure to your workout schedule (see below).


Should I do any other form of exercise in addition to the online classes?

The recommendations of 150 minutes of exercise per week also recommend that resistance training plus cardio exercise is included. In addition to the pilates classes we recommend some walking, stationary cycling or swimming.

We have created Workout Calendars which are optional to follow, but you can use these if you like to have a bit of a plan for your week of workouts (see below).


How do I find the Workout Calendars?

The Workout Calendars are located within the Pregnancy Stages drop down section or the Postnatal Levels drop down section.
From the home page select ‘Pregnancy Pilates Programme’ or ‘Postnatal Pilates Programme’. From the drop down menu choose the correct stage of your pregnancy or the level of your postnatal programme and you will find the corresponding Workout Calendar here. Click on the thumbnail and the Calendar PDF will download to your device. You can save or print this out to refer back to.


Do I need to do extra pelvic floor exercises outside of the online programme?

For pregnant and postnatal women, it is recommended to do pelvic floor exercises regularly, at least daily but often 2-3 times daily. We also know that a lot of women perform pelvic floor contractions incorrectly. For these reasons we recommend that you have an individual assessment with a pelvic floor physiotherapist who can assess how you are performing a pelvic floor contraction and can give you individualized recommendations for your pelvic floor exercises.


Do I still need to see a physio in my pregnancy or after birth if I do this programme?

Yes, we recommend that you have a check with a pelvic health physio during pregnancy to ensure you are performing pelvic floor exercises correctly and to get prepared for birth and recovery. A good time to do this is around 20 weeks in your pregnancy.

We also recommend that you have a check after birth no matter what type of delivery you have had. In the postnatal check you will have an assessment of your pelvic floor muscles, get checked for abdominal separation and get some individualised advice for returning to exercise. A good time to do this is about 6 weeks postnatal.

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