Pilates is a method of exercise based on strength, stamina, posture, breath and control.

Reformer Pilates at Unity Studios

The reformer is a spring-loaded machine that creates tension to support and for the body to work against. It is used to incorporate Pilates exercises to improve strength, flexibility, posture, and enhance mental awareness. We offer:

Reformer Foundations:
Perfect for newbies, those recovering from injury, or those wanting a workout.

Reformer Dynamic:
A more challenging class.

Reformer Power:
Higher intensity for a cardiovascular workout.

Pre & Post Natal:
All levels welcome, variations are given for you to work at your own pace.

Over 50’s: 
Functional exercises to promote bone health, muscle strength, balance and physical confidence

Mat Pilates is a floor-based class which uses small apparatus (Pilates ball, Pilates ring, resistance bands, dumbbells) to provide a full-body workout. Often perceived as the ‘easy’ version, Mat Pilates can provide a challenge to even the most experienced instructors and athletes.

As a body-weight focused exercise, there is a strong emphasis on controlled movement to build flexibility, strength and greater awareness of how your body moves. We also offer Pregnancy and post natal classes. All levels welcome, variations are given for you to work at your own pace.

Mat HIIT Pilates combines High Intensity Interval Training with Mat Pilates. This is a low impact yet energetic class designed to boost your metabolism and improve your overall fitness.

Private & Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a form of physical exercise combining rehab exercises with Pilates inspired movements using the Pilates machines and small equipment.

Clinical Pilates classes at Unity are run by qualified Physiotherapists and instructors and are focused on the individual, with an emphasis on setting and achieving personal goals. A maximum of 3 participants in each class ensures a supportive atmosphere with personal attention and modifications. A physio assessment is required before joining our clinical Pilates classes.

We also offer Private (1:1) or Duet (2:1) Pilates sessions with a Pilates instructor or physiotherapist.

Partially covered by ACC if you are recovering from an injury.

Private & Clinical Pilates at Unity Studios

Mat Pilates at Unity Studios

Group Class Pricing

Intro Offer

2 weeks unlimited classes. Available to new clients only.




10 Pack


Monthly Membership

Unlimited classes

$240 + $50 sign up fee


Annual Membership

Unlimited classes

$2,500 + no sign up fee

Please ensure you read our Terms & Conditions

Clinical Pilates


Small-group (3)

$80 each
$55 each


Small-group (3)

$45 each
$35 each


Small-group (3)

$65 each
$45 each

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