PilatesPilates home exercises to improve your golf swing

Pilates home exercises to improve your golf swing

These 4 exercises, done 2-3 times a week at home, can improve your golf by improving your flexibility, stability and core strength.

Thread the needle – to improve thoracic rotation and shoulder mobility

Start on all fours. Reach your left arm up towards the ceiling and turn your chest, inhale as you reach. Exhale as you thread your left arm underneath your right arm. Bend your right elbow so that you can rest your left shoulder on the ground for a deeper stretch.

Repeat this fluid motion 5 times and then repeat on the other side.

Thread the needle
Thread the needle

Mermaid – to improve spinal mobility and shoulder flexibility

Sit in a cross-legged position. Slide your left arm on the floor to the side. Lift your right arm up towards to ceiling and inhale as you reach. Exhale to side bend to the left. Hold for 3 diaphragmatic breaths. Then rotate your chest and bring your right arm onto the floor. Reach both arms away on the floor and fold the body forwards. Hold for 3 more breaths. Return to the left side stretch and then to sitting. 

Repeat 2 times each side.

Mermaid stretch
Mermaid stretch

Quadruped – to improve core and shoulder stability

Start on all fours. Hands underneath shoulders and knees underneath hips with a neutral spine position. Reach your left arm in front and your right leg behind. Keep your shoulders and hips level and avoid arching into the lower back. Return your arm and leg. Movements should be slow and controlled.

Repeat alternating between the sides for 2 minutes.


Criss cross – to improve abdominal strength during spinal rotation

Start with both legs in tabletop and hands behind your head. Exhale as you curl your upper body up in a crunch and rotate the body so that your right elbow moves towards your left knee. As you do this extend your right leg long. Inhale to return to the centre and keep your chest lifted from the mat.

Repeat alternating between the sides until fatigue.

Criss Cross
Criss Cross

Book in for a 1:1 with one of our pilates instructors or physios, for an assessment on what you need to work on to improve your golf swing.

~ Sophie Lax. Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor

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