Unity Studios COVID-19 Protocols


As kiwis, we are renowned for our resilience, our ability to use common sense to problem solve, and our capacity to band together during tough times.

As health professionals at Unity Studios, the health and safety of our clients, our staff and ourselves, is our number one priority. Both Sophie and Caitlin have training in infection control and hand hygiene through their extensive work in the public health system. You can be assured that we are using hospital grade protocols to provide a safe space for your physio appointment or exercise session, where you can tune into your body and take some time out for you.

In the case of our physiotherapy appointments, we are able to offer video consults – please call or email if you’d like to change your appointment to a virtual appointment. During face-to-face appointments, we will maintain at least 1m distance, and only touch you with your consent, and if absolutely necessary.

Here is our Alert level 2 protocol:

For Pilates and yoga classes:

  • We have changed our cancellation window to 4 hours. If you are unwell, please stay at home and rest. Get in touch if you need a refund for a cancellation, we are here to help.

  • Please wait downstairs and outside until class start time. Do not congregate in the waiting room.

  • Please use our 70% alcohol hand sanitiser when you enter and leave the studio.

  • We are limiting class numbers in order to space people out 1 metre apart.

  • We are using 70% alcohol wipes to wipe down all equipment before and after class. Feel free to do an extra wipe down yourself if you like.

  • We are limiting our pieces of equipment used during class to one piece, to ensure we can clean it thoroughly between classes.

  • Our instructors will not be providing hands-on assistance.

  • Our team will not be at the studio if they are unwell, at all.

  • We will have plenty of soap in the bathrooms and encourage regular, 20 second hand washing, and we will have disposable paper towels to dry hands.

  • We have masks and gloves available for our clients and our staff to use if they would like to.

  • We won’t be shaking your hand or hugging you. Feel free to foot shake us if you’re into it!

  • We will be cleaning the whole studio regularly, with hourly wipe downs of ‘hot spots’ (door handles, taps, chairs) with alcohol wipes

  • We will be constantly reviewing advice from the Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation.

And as we are all in this together, we ask these things of you:

  • Do not come to the studio if you are unwell at all.

  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow, or a tissue and dispose of it.

  • You are welcome to use our yoga mats for the mat classes, but please bring your own to use instead, if you have one.

  • Please bring your own water bottle – we will have water available to purchase, but we won’t be providing reusable cups to drink out of.

Yoga, pilates and general exercise have been shown to improve immunity, improve our capacity to recover from illness, and decrease stress levels. The 4 main factors that contribute to a healthy immune system is sleep, exercise, reduced stress levels and eating well. We can help to provide a safe and hygienic space to exercise, and a peaceful and welcoming environment to calm your nervous system and stress levels. Please let us know if you’d like to purchase a 1:1 or 2:1 pilates session, or a private video consult pilates class in your own home.

For physio consults:

  • Please use our 70% alcohol hand sanitiser on arrival to the studio

  • We will be asking you COVID-19 screening questions when you arrive, so please do not be offended if we ask you to reschedule your appointment for a later date if we deem you high risk

  • Please wait in our waiting room before you’re appointment, but please make sure you are 2m away from others

  • We will be using disposable sheets on our beds and wiping down with 70% alcohol between each client

  • We will sit 1m away from you for most of the appointment, to limit close contact, and only touch you with your consent, and for the shortest amount of time required.

The safety of our community is our prime concern, and the power to continue to contain this virus lies in all of our hands. Thank you for supporting our small business. Stay kind to each other, and stay fit and healthy with us. Kia Kaha

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